What Comes After the Coronavirus?

The World Will Never be the Same Again

Coronavirus after? What comes after the Coronavirus? There is much speculation about what the impact is that COVID-19 will have on those in the future. One thing’s for certain, the world is not going to be the same as pre-virus.

A Big Disruptor

Even if there is such a thing as a new normal, forevermore in human history, the Coronavirus will be known as the time that everything changed. It will be discussed in history books or whatever the new form of book will be. It will become known as one of the most sinister disruptors ever.

Human Interactions will Change

But then again, maybe the new normal will be to experience disease after disease after disease. New industries will spring up around the idea of staying in your home. Communication tools will evolve to simulate being in the same room with someone. This will possibly also lead to having intimacy with someone via yet another future invention. Even procreation of the species may have to change. And medication. What will medication of the future look like. Will it even be in pill form?