How to Do Online Marketing Today

Post COVID-19?

We always think of the irony of the title of this blog “Coronavirus After” because as a fight it is far from over. But don’t get distracted by this. Don’t stop slaying your competition just because of a Pandemic. In fact, this can be one of the most important stages of your company because you can now more easily buy time to think through the online marketing tools of your organization.

Becoming a Home Business Achiever Starts with Marketing

The reality of the steps toward becoming a Home Business Achiever using HBA Promoting has to do with much more than simply creating the most useful 10 online marketing tools for your implementation. It is also HOW you use your digital tools. Our next eBook “Home Based Business CAUSE Marketing,” as of today’s date, has not yet been published and is still in the midst of development. This eBook not only explores info on what the tools are, but also the process of “How To” use them.

Is There Anything New Under the Sun?

In a manner of speaking there may not be anything new under the sun, but one way you can stay a step ahead of your competition, is through a careful approach to communication. You should communicate enough information to provide value, but you also need to hold back on your exclusive proprietary methods only revealed to those of your inner circle such as trusted employees or freelancers or even special clients. For example, here are some of our processes, each one coinciding with a tool. We intentionally hold back on revealing which tool is used with which method as seen below with the “fun” names of these processes:


  1. Get Money Plan
  2. Acquire Capital Strategy
  3. Obtain Funding Blueprint
  4. Get Hold of Wealth System
  5. Gain Currency Tactic
  6. Grab Fortune Technique
  7. Snap Up Currency Grand Design
  8. Hook Capital Crafting
  9. Grasp Moolah Methodology
  10. Retrieve Greenbacks Procedure