Promotions in a COVID-19 World

We first created this this website  with great optimism. The hope is right in the name which is “Corona Virus After.” Well, as of this blog post we are still in the claws of COVID, especially here in New York City. Many of us in Manhattan are staying in our homes to stay safe, while doing our jobs or entrepreneurial ventures in this enclosed environment.

But we still need things like the marketing of our products and services which is where “Create Profitable Marketing” comes in. First a website as can be seen here, and now a group of products and services, this is important information you need if you are a home business owner and/or entrepreneur. Let’s jump right in and fast forward.

This is the moment of truth when you decide to use paid traffic or not. What this really means is are you going to do SEO (Search Engine Implementation) or lay out the cash to receive the benefits of instant traffic.

The real difference between paid traffic versus SEO is just that. If you wait for SEO to kick in, it is going to take a while and there is the risk that it won’t have the outcome you are hoping for despite best practices. Whereas with paid traffic means you can pinpoint exactly how your perfect audience member is, then set up and ad for that person, and you are off to the races.

What is your action plan What are the exact components you are going to use to get your result? What do we think? Well, we have different areas of marketing. Each of the following is a product or service we can provide for you if you want, or you can use the information to embark on your own. Remember this is DIY (Do It Yourself) versus DFY (Done for You).

It may at first seem that DIY is going to give you a better price point. If you are a marketer this could very well be true. But if you don’t have a background in marketing already it could be tough going trying to attain.

In fact, even if you are a marketer, you may still be having problems getting the audience you seek, because unless you plug yourself into media as we do, chances are you are going to flounder.

We are certainly not putting down anyone’s abilities. It is just that in our examining both clients and marketers, there are often ways that both can over complicate things or invest time and money into what unfortunately can turn out to be fluff.

We are anti-fluff. We believe that if you choose and implement tools, you want to focus on instruments that are going to serve you, rather than just waste your time.