The “After” that Never Came: Coronavirus After

The History of the Blog Coronavirus After

The blog known as “Coronavirus After” was started on March 24, 2020, 13 days after COVID-19 was officially acknowledged as being a Pandemic. Its predecessor and sister publication, Manhattan Coronavirus, had already started its documentation process of the Pandemic (even before it had been called one), on March 3rd, 2021. Manhattan Coronavirus is known for its daily documentation of the first 100 days of a family undergoing self-imposed isolation. Meanwhile, Coronavirus After had taken the stance that the battle COVID-19 would be won soon.

COVID Decided to Stick Around

Well, needless to say, “after” has not happened yet. As of this writing we are still in the grips of the Pandemic worldwide. And even though the vaccines have brought a ray of sunshine, we still find ourselves to be unwilling captives.

Enter the Platinum PIAs Awards and USA Make a Difference

Thanks to the happy outlook of websites like “Platinum PIAs” and “USA Make a Difference” our hope for a better future has started to unfold. Some are starting to think that the management of the virus and its variants is within reach. Best case scenario would be to have regular shots to ward off another Pandemic, in much the same way we get shots in arms for the common flu.

In-Person Learning or Remote?

But for now, our business communications and those with our loved ones, are for the most part done through phone calls, texts, emails, and video chats with apps like Zoom and Google Meet. Even as educational institutions begin to attempt to provide safe in-person learning, there are still many schools, whether they be public, private or charter, that have full knowledge that they may be within inches of having to take a step backwards and resume the process of teaching remotely.

Will Certain Virus Impacted forms of Communication Remain Post Pandemic?

Some believe that business communications have been changed forever due to COVID. Much less air travel has occurred, and it looks like some businesses, in part because of the savings of not having to pay for flights and lodging, may continue to hold meetings and presentations by online digital means.