Yianni Stamas in Celebration of a Quasi “CoronaVirus After” Moment with the Announcement that the “Method How Report” Subscriptions Might be Letting Other Startup Introverts In, Ending a Two-Year Block

“Coronavirus After” is a Blog Started a Few Years Ago to Document the “Pandemic” and Business Topics

And like the heading above mentions, indeed there are the occasional Coronavirus (Now called “Covid by many) and Entrepreneurship tales that are shared. But the sad thing is that the “After” in the online publication’s name (Coronavirus AFTER) has not really “after” as in “over.” Lots of people nationally and internationally are still catching the virus. The one good thing is though, measures have been taken in the form of vaccination shots that have brought down the risks some. But what about “Business?” how has it been impacted? Some businesses have been closed because their company relied on in-person interaction, and for long stretches people stayed away from public places such as small businesses. And because there are many who are still licking their wounds, the business fears that have always been fears have been magnified. An example is the category of “Bad Reviews.”

Is there a Way to do Preventative Measures Against Bad Reviews of Your Business Before They Happen?!

The above is a bit of a scary question because it means being in the crosshairs of disgruntled customers who cannot ever be “Pleased.” Even worse than that though, is the possibility of facing the wrath of a competitor or an outright hater. Either way, one of these individuals goes undercover and puts up fake and awful reviews, posing as a terribly angry client. But there is an even worse thing that can happen. It is when a bully coward gives a review of you under a nonexistent business! These are the kinds of things that can stop a Startup Introvert in their tracks. The thoughts S.I.’s sometimes have been “What is the point?” or “Do I need this kind of negativity in my life?”

“Method How” to Deal with Competitors and Other Haters!

There is a way out. Harmful stuff happens in life. Felt even more deeply by many introverts, especially those with an “F” in their Myers-Briggs Personality Type. There is good news though. The “Method How” Report, formerly known as “USA Make a Difference,” have for more than two years, not let in any new subscribers, sending the newsletter only to those already signed up. Not letting any new people to receive it. And now a positive thing may happen for which those of you who want to get the “Method How” Report sent to you weekly. Under consideration is to potentially let in new “Startup Introverts!