Yianni Stamas explores the impact that the highly-contagious-delta-coronavirus-variant is having on creatives and entrepreneurs.

We submitted the following questions to Yianni who has a history of being an advocate for artists and small businesses, such as founding and producing for 10 consecutive years the Platinum PIAs Awards that recognized entrepreneurs and artists who made a difference in their communities.

What do you see as the impact that the new delta variant is having on creatives and entrepreneurial individuals?

As we have seen, some businesses have grown, while others have suffered greatly. The same goes for artists. There are those who pivoted to an online solution and are doing well, in some cases even surpassing their pre-COVID numbers, while others, such as Broadway performers here in New York, have had a tough time. And it is sad that just as things were starting to look up, the tide has turned due in large part to those who refuse getting the vaccine. As a result, we have entered a new wave of challenges. The key for artists and entrepreneurs is to continue to innovate.

How has delta had an affect on your own entrepreneurial and creative ventures?

Prior to delta, I had started to work out ways of doing what I do despite facing the same challenges we all are. But lately things have gotten shaken up again. Friends and collaborators of mine feel as though they have had to take a step back. A niche organization that I am a member of, is still planning to start doing in-person meetings again in the fall. So, the roadmap seems to be to keep on going. What else are we to do? As always, there are opportunities to help others less fortunate than yourself.

What is your suggestion to entrepreneurs and artists to do moving forward?

I would suggest that they tap into the passion that they had when first starting their business or embarking on their journey as an artist. Rediscovering that excitement is not always easy given the obstacles we all share, but by making it a priority could result in allowing yourself to be in a clearer state when choosing actions moving forward.

The “After” that Never Came: Coronavirus After

The History of the Blog Coronavirus After

The blog known as “Coronavirus After” was started on March 24, 2020, 13 days after COVID-19 was officially acknowledged as being a Pandemic. Its predecessor and sister publication, Manhattan Coronavirus, had already started its documentation process of the Pandemic (even before it had been called one), on March 3rd, 2021. Manhattan Coronavirus is known for its daily documentation of the first 100 days of a family undergoing self-imposed isolation. Meanwhile, Coronavirus After had taken the stance that the battle COVID-19 would be won soon.

COVID Decided to Stick Around

Well, needless to say, “after” has not happened yet. As of this writing we are still in the grips of the Pandemic worldwide. And even though the vaccines have brought a ray of sunshine, we still find ourselves to be unwilling captives.

Enter the Platinum PIAs Awards and USA Make a Difference

Thanks to the happy outlook of websites like “Platinum PIAs” and “USA Make a Difference” our hope for a better future has started to unfold. Some are starting to think that the management of the virus and its variants is within reach. Best case scenario would be to have regular shots to ward off another Pandemic, in much the same way we get shots in arms for the common flu.

In-Person Learning or Remote?

But for now, our business communications and those with our loved ones, are for the most part done through phone calls, texts, emails, and video chats with apps like Zoom and Google Meet. Even as educational institutions begin to attempt to provide safe in-person learning, there are still many schools, whether they be public, private or charter, that have full knowledge that they may be within inches of having to take a step backwards and resume the process of teaching remotely.

Will Certain Virus Impacted forms of Communication Remain Post Pandemic?

Some believe that business communications have been changed forever due to COVID. Much less air travel has occurred, and it looks like some businesses, in part because of the savings of not having to pay for flights and lodging, may continue to hold meetings and presentations by online digital means.

Yianni Stamas Asks for Your Participation on this Date Known as National Bird Day

Underestimating the Destructive Affects of the Pandemic?

The website on which you are reading this blog post right now is CoronaVirusAfter.com. This website created to help with the healthy transition to a new normal once the Pandemic ends. Little did we realize in the development of this site was that it is still going to take a longer time than originally anticipated, for COVID-19 to become a thing of the past.

A Commitment to Having a Positive Impact

But this does not mean that the website you are reading right now, and other organizations committed to making a difference, can’t still have a positive impact on society with your help.

National Bird Day

One such way is to recognize that today, January 5th, is National Bird Day that affords us the opportunity to focus on the health and needs of birds taken from captivity to be sold at pet stores for profit. As a kid growing up I was often hired to do magic shows at birthday parties and other venues. I owned two white doves that I would make both appear and disappear in my performances to the delight of audiences.

Don’t Clip Wings

To do a play on words, we do not want birds to disappear from their natural habitats nor do we want for these lovely feathered creatures to not be properly taken care of in captivity. As a kid magician the pressure was on to clip the feathers of of my birds as is sometimes done by conjurers. This is so that when they are made to appear magically out of thin air, they would subsequently not be able to fly away. I am happy to report not only did my doves lead happy and healthy lives but I never clipped their wings.

Take Care of Your Pets

Amazingly I would sometimes perform outdoors shows and although they had the opportunity to do so, my doves never flew away from me as I did my best, even as a very young person, to be conscious of giving my special pets good lives.

Please Support Organizations Making a Difference

It is important that children learn to support the work of organizations that care for birds. These organizations can be found online.

Done for the Money

Bottom line is that National Bird Day is a day to recognize the need for the proper care for birds as pets as well as be activists against the cruel capture of them while they live in the wild. The capture of birds is a tragic way of making money.

Keep Calm and Vote

Keep calm and vote. It really is the only option we have today to make a difference.

Don’t have a candidate you like? Feel both are not good in your opinion? We agree.

Vote for him to leave or vote for him to stay. It is really up to you. Either way, keep calm and vote!

Promotions in a COVID-19 World

We first created this this website  with great optimism. The hope is right in the name which is “Corona Virus After.” Well, as of this blog post we are still in the claws of COVID, especially here in New York City. Many of us in Manhattan are staying in our homes to stay safe, while doing our jobs or entrepreneurial ventures in this enclosed environment.

But we still need things like the marketing of our products and services which is where “Create Profitable Marketing” comes in. First a website as can be seen here, and now a group of products and services, this is important information you need if you are a home business owner and/or entrepreneur. Let’s jump right in and fast forward.

This is the moment of truth when you decide to use paid traffic or not. What this really means is are you going to do SEO (Search Engine Implementation) or lay out the cash to receive the benefits of instant traffic.

The real difference between paid traffic versus SEO is just that. If you wait for SEO to kick in, it is going to take a while and there is the risk that it won’t have the outcome you are hoping for despite best practices. Whereas with paid traffic means you can pinpoint exactly how your perfect audience member is, then set up and ad for that person, and you are off to the races.

What is your action plan What are the exact components you are going to use to get your result? What do we think? Well, we have different areas of marketing. Each of the following is a product or service we can provide for you if you want, or you can use the information to embark on your own. Remember this is DIY (Do It Yourself) versus DFY (Done for You).

It may at first seem that DIY is going to give you a better price point. If you are a marketer this could very well be true. But if you don’t have a background in marketing already it could be tough going trying to attain.

In fact, even if you are a marketer, you may still be having problems getting the audience you seek, because unless you plug yourself into media as we do, chances are you are going to flounder.

We are certainly not putting down anyone’s abilities. It is just that in our examining both clients and marketers, there are often ways that both can over complicate things or invest time and money into what unfortunately can turn out to be fluff.

We are anti-fluff. We believe that if you choose and implement tools, you want to focus on instruments that are going to serve you, rather than just waste your time.

How to Do Online Marketing Today

Post COVID-19?

We always think of the irony of the title of this blog “Coronavirus After” because as a fight it is far from over. But don’t get distracted by this. Don’t stop slaying your competition just because of a Pandemic. In fact, this can be one of the most important stages of your company because you can now more easily buy time to think through the online marketing tools of your organization.

Becoming a Home Business Achiever Starts with Marketing

The reality of the steps toward becoming a Home Business Achiever using HBA Promoting has to do with much more than simply creating the most useful 10 online marketing tools for your implementation. It is also HOW you use your digital tools. Our next eBook “Home Based Business CAUSE Marketing,” as of today’s date, has not yet been published and is still in the midst of development. This eBook not only explores info on what the tools are, but also the process of “How To” use them.

Is There Anything New Under the Sun?

In a manner of speaking there may not be anything new under the sun, but one way you can stay a step ahead of your competition, is through a careful approach to communication. You should communicate enough information to provide value, but you also need to hold back on your exclusive proprietary methods only revealed to those of your inner circle such as trusted employees or freelancers or even special clients. For example, here are some of our processes, each one coinciding with a tool. We intentionally hold back on revealing which tool is used with which method as seen below with the “fun” names of these processes:


  1. Get Money Plan
  2. Acquire Capital Strategy
  3. Obtain Funding Blueprint
  4. Get Hold of Wealth System
  5. Gain Currency Tactic
  6. Grab Fortune Technique
  7. Snap Up Currency Grand Design
  8. Hook Capital Crafting
  9. Grasp Moolah Methodology
  10. Retrieve Greenbacks Procedure

It is NOT Over Anytime Soon

No Time Soon

We were a part of the COVID-19 journal that recorded the first 100 days of the USA’s virus experience. After 100 days the thought was that it surely should be over soon. But then it wasn’t. It was clear that the virus was NOT going to be over anytime soon.


Yet much of middle America has been convinced that it is over. In fact, with prodding from the powers that be, they started to “protest” for their right to not wear a mask. That is their right, if they don’t mind getting sick or dying.

The Secret to Power

When you say one thing enough times to the right audience it becomes true. You have to keep your message very simplistic though, and spread the word from a number of sources.


So even though it is not over anytime soon, there are those who believe something else. A perfect example is Florida. They were being touted by some as being the state to learn from in terms of their letting up on restrictions like masks and such.


Flash forward to today. Because of their irresponsible approach they’ve paid the price with more new cases daily than New York, that prior had those numbers. New Yorkers too had been told not to worry and that the virus was no big deal.

Fight for Your Right to Die

And still there are those fighting for the right to not wear a mask.


This is indeed not over anytime soon.

Preventative Steps to Save Your New or Established Business

It’s great that you employ social distancing, but do you have a marketing strategy?

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.” -Steve Jobs

You are an innovator that just like Steve Jobs recommends, you don’t get trapped by dogma. Just when you thought you had gotten past the worst of it, the virus known as COVID-19 is on the rise again. If you are someone with an established business you likely want to protect it and if you are just starting your news business, you want to be sure to get on the right DIYdigi.com path. This means integrating into your business  “Do It Yourself Digital” which also comes in in an approach that is DFY (Done For You).

Do You Take it Seriously?

For some, Digital Transformation is taken seriously and is utilized as a necessary component in today’s entrepreneurial environment. But others, much like those folks who don’t wear masks,  try to do business as usual. As Steve Job once said  “...you need to not be living with the results of other people’s thinking.” We take this as meaning that you need to be an innovator and not a follower. DIYdigi.com helps you set out instead to have forward thinking. Otherwise you are living a kind of insanity or as Albert Einstein said:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Do You Have a Strategy?

Just because you want your old method of getting new customers to be the same as before, doesn’t mean it is. Thankfully there is DIYdigi.com. This organization is different from other promotional solutions because they not only create for you online marketing tools, but they also provide you with the strategy needed to implement them for getting new customers.

So here are three steps to take to get started with Digital Transformation and getting new customers.

1. Fill out the form shown on the homepage of DIYdigi.com and click the red SIGN UP button.

2. Then check your email.

3. Click to confirm your subscription message whereupon your Online Marketing Book will be instantly delivered to you. Be sure to check the promotions section or spam folder if you don’t see your eBook right away!


Yes After Corona


I feel sorry for the Corona beer people. I know a lot of folks out there empathize with them. Who would have thought that an alcoholic beverage brand would remind us of a virus that we wanted to forget. It had to have been a downturn in sales for them. Some people in the beginning thought that the virus did come around because of them.

Magic Power?

Anyway, cut to “Post” Coronavirus. I only say this because with all of the the people who were involved with the protest march and then the bonus feature afterwards of the mayhem, COVID-19 must have ended. Although I missed the memo, certainly those involved in the marching must have gotten a message that I did not. Why else would they ignore social distance and sweat all over each other?! Or maybe they have some kind of magic power that makes them invincible to getting sick.

What About Corona?

So does that mean Corona gets to sell beer without worry now? How many of the protesters drink Corona? And what about the thieves and vandals? Of course it’s going to be interesting to see if Corona  cases spike? And no, we are not speaking of Grupo Modelo’s drink.

What Comes After the Coronavirus?

The World Will Never be the Same Again

Coronavirus after? What comes after the Coronavirus? There is much speculation about what the impact is that COVID-19 will have on those in the future. One thing’s for certain, the world is not going to be the same as pre-virus.

A Big Disruptor

Even if there is such a thing as a new normal, forevermore in human history, the Coronavirus will be known as the time that everything changed. It will be discussed in history books or whatever the new form of book will be. It will become known as one of the most sinister disruptors ever.

Human Interactions will Change

But then again, maybe the new normal will be to experience disease after disease after disease. New industries will spring up around the idea of staying in your home. Communication tools will evolve to simulate being in the same room with someone. This will possibly also lead to having intimacy with someone via yet another future invention. Even procreation of the species may have to change. And medication. What will medication of the future look like. Will it even be in pill form?