What Will It Be Like After?

Will We Ever Be Without Masks?

As we are in the midst of the Coronavirus presence, imagining it not being around or even manageable is hard to imagine. What will it be like after. Will public transportation ever be fully up? Will we be able to walk around without our masks?

The Greatest Metropolis in the World

Especially here in New York City, post COVID-19 is hard to comprehend. We still know little about controlling the virus and how to cure or control it. The only plan at this point is to stay indoors and wash your hands a lot. It’s a scary time in Manhattan, NY. I still believe it is the best city in the world, bar none.

Being in Lock-Down Doesn’t Change the Point of View

But what is the new, New York going to be like? Will we ever congregate again for Broadway shows or any performances for that matter?  All the things that New York City is known for may take a serious amount of time to come back, if they ever do But those tourist attractions are not what drew me to NYC in the first place in 1988. It’s the people and the creativity. New York still has some of the best brains in the world. I like living among that. Even being house-bound doesn’t change the feeling.

Got Your Hand Sanitizer – Got Your Solution?

The Path

Got your hand sanitizer? Everyone, in one way or another. is being impacted by “Coronavirus After” meaning after the setting in of COVID-19. We are in  post virus chains. Even Houdini would have a difficult time escaping from this one. Do you have your hand sanitizer? That’s step one. But rather than obsessing over removing one’s self from the disease, some consideration might be given to an alternative path which has more to do with making the best of things.

Thanks to Being Able to Time

Thankfully, this challenging time brings just that…Time. Time to reflect. Time to be grateful. Time to write.

Helping Others

When you help others it takes you away from your own demons. A part of you knows that assisting the most vulnerable is its own reward. And make sure they have hand sanitizer.