Yes After Corona


I feel sorry for the Corona beer people. I know a lot of folks out there empathize with them. Who would have thought that an alcoholic beverage brand would remind us of a virus that we wanted to forget. It had to have been a downturn in sales for them. Some people in the beginning thought that the virus did come around because of them.

Magic Power?

Anyway, cut to “Post” Coronavirus. I only say this because with all of the the people who were involved with the protest march and then the bonus feature afterwards of the mayhem, COVID-19 must have ended. Although I missed the memo, certainly those involved in the marching must have gotten a message that I did not. Why else would they ignore social distance and sweat all over each other?! Or maybe they have some kind of magic power that makes them invincible to getting sick.

What About Corona?

So does that mean Corona gets to sell beer without worry now? How many of the protesters drink Corona? And what about the thieves and vandals? Of course it’s going to be interesting to see if Corona¬† cases spike? And no, we are not speaking of Grupo Modelo’s drink.

What Comes After the Coronavirus?

The World Will Never be the Same Again

Coronavirus after? What comes after the Coronavirus? There is much speculation about what the impact is that COVID-19 will have on those in the future. One thing’s for certain, the world is not going to be the same as pre-virus.

A Big Disruptor

Even if there is such a thing as a new normal, forevermore in human history, the Coronavirus will be known as the time that everything changed. It will be discussed in history books or whatever the new form of book will be. It will become known as one of the most sinister disruptors ever.

Human Interactions will Change

But then again, maybe the new normal will be to experience disease after disease after disease. New industries will spring up around the idea of staying in your home. Communication tools will evolve to simulate being in the same room with someone. This will possibly also lead to having intimacy with someone via yet another future invention. Even procreation of the species may have to change. And medication. What will medication of the future look like. Will it even be in pill form?

What Will It Be Like After?

Will We Ever Be Without Masks?

As we are in the midst of the Coronavirus presence, imagining it not being around or even manageable is hard to imagine. What will it be like after. Will public transportation ever be fully up? Will we be able to walk around without our masks?

The Greatest Metropolis in the World

Especially here in New York City, post COVID-19 is hard to comprehend. We still know little about controlling the virus and how to cure or control it. The only plan at this point is to stay indoors and wash your hands a lot. It’s a scary time in Manhattan, NY. I still believe it is the best city in the world, bar none.

Being in Lock-Down Doesn’t Change the Point of View

But what is the new, New York going to be like? Will we ever congregate again for Broadway shows or any performances for that matter?¬† All the things that New York City is known for may take a serious amount of time to come back, if they ever do But those tourist attractions are not what drew me to NYC in the first place in 1988. It’s the people and the creativity. New York still has some of the best brains in the world. I like living among that. Even being house-bound doesn’t change the feeling.