It is NOT Over Anytime Soon

No Time Soon

We were a part of the COVID-19 journal that recorded the first 100 days of the USA’s virus experience. After 100 days the thought was that it surely should be over soon. But then it wasn’t. It was clear that the virus was NOT going to be over anytime soon.


Yet much of middle America has been convinced that it is over. In fact, with prodding from the powers that be, they started to “protest” for their right to not wear a mask. That is their right, if they don’t mind getting sick or dying.

The Secret to Power

When you say one thing enough times to the right audience it becomes true. You have to keep your message very simplistic though, and spread the word from a number of sources.


So even though it is not over anytime soon, there are those who believe something else. A perfect example is Florida. They were being touted by some as being the state to learn from in terms of their letting up on restrictions like masks and such.


Flash forward to today. Because of their irresponsible approach they’ve paid the price with more new cases daily than New York, that prior had those numbers. New Yorkers too had been told not to worry and that the virus was no big deal.

Fight for Your Right to Die

And still there are those fighting for the right to not wear a mask.


This is indeed not over anytime soon.