Although this is Obvious to Most, it is Important to Factor into the Process of Putting Together Your Marketing Campaign, the TIME and AGE in which it is Occurring, such as the Term “Coronavirus After” which Implies that it is happening AFTER the Coronavirus!

Is Your Presentation Modern?

Let us say you are targeting dentists with your marketing campaign. Your pitch should include modern terms and not those from another time.

Is Your Sales Pitch Specific?

Now imagine that during your sales presentation to that dentist, you use dated dentistry words that are about ten years old.

Will You Win Over the Dentist?

What do you think the results will be with your sales presentation to the dentist? Since you were in the wrong TIME, you likely won’t make the sale.

Got Your Hand Sanitizer – Got Your Solution?

The Path

Got your hand sanitizer? Everyone, in one way or another. is being impacted by “Coronavirus After” meaning after the setting in of COVID-19. We are in  post virus chains. Even Houdini would have a difficult time escaping from this one. Do you have your hand sanitizer? That’s step one. But rather than obsessing over removing one’s self from the disease, some consideration might be given to an alternative path which has more to do with making the best of things.

Thanks to Being Able to Time

Thankfully, this challenging time brings just that…Time. Time to reflect. Time to be grateful. Time to write.

Helping Others

When you help others it takes you away from your own demons. A part of you knows that assisting the most vulnerable is its own reward. And make sure they have hand sanitizer.