Is it Over?

ArtisticPreneur, which is the name of a website, often looks at being artistic versus engaging in entrepreneurship, as though it was the arts versus business. No, creativity comes in manty different forms, some that might look more business than arts but are still creative. Why do I say that with such confidence?

Because between the pandemic, wearing the mask, and still wearing the mask, and again wearing it, I have had lots of time to think. I am sifting around in my brain scenarios that quite simply, I did not have the time to really ruminate about them.

Even though, at least in New York, people are wearing masks less because they are not mandatory in as many places it had been before. The “Corona Virus After” is not the reality. It is not over. Not by a long shot. The world and our country have become chaotic. We are seeing things on the news we never thought we would. Laws being broken by those we put our faith in, and no one is doing a thing about it, and the lawyers are doing well as they always do until they are replaced by A.I.

So many extra things to be worried about. We are a divided nation, there is inflation, the flash mob thievery plus intense floods and fire, and that is just the beginning.

“Corona Virus After” got that name because of the belief at the time that there would actually be an “After.” Have we reached it? Is it post COVID a reality? I remember way back in the very beginning of COVID when suddenly out of nowhere announcements about it happening in New York traveled all over the country. Here in Manhattan, NYC, we knew right away that this was not going to leave us alone for a long time.

I remember early on getting a call from one of my sisters from California and the “Corona Virus” did not even have its training wings yet. My sister had heard on the news about some of the struggle going on here in the Big Apple and had a suggestion. She proposed that maybe my family and I go to the Hamptons for a few days. Then when this whole Virus thing blows over, come back to the city.

My sister meant well of course, but I was already in full gear gathering the essentials if we were not able to go outside for months.