Yianni Stamas explores the impact that the highly-contagious-delta-coronavirus-variant is having on creatives and entrepreneurs.

We submitted the following questions to Yianni who has a history of being an advocate for artists and small businesses, such as founding and producing for 10 consecutive years the Platinum PIAs Awards that recognized entrepreneurs and artists who made a difference in their communities.

What do you see as the impact that the new delta variant is having on creatives and entrepreneurial individuals?

As we have seen, some businesses have grown, while others have suffered greatly. The same goes for artists. There are those who pivoted to an online solution and are doing well, in some cases even surpassing their pre-COVID numbers, while others, such as Broadway performers here in New York, have had a tough time. And it is sad that just as things were starting to look up, the tide has turned due in large part to those who refuse getting the vaccine. As a result, we have entered a new wave of challenges. The key for artists and entrepreneurs is to continue to innovate.

How has delta had an affect on your own entrepreneurial and creative ventures?

Prior to delta, I had started to work out ways of doing what I do despite facing the same challenges we all are. But lately things have gotten shaken up again. Friends and collaborators of mine feel as though they have had to take a step back. A niche organization that I am a member of, is still planning to start doing in-person meetings again in the fall. So, the roadmap seems to be to keep on going. What else are we to do? As always, there are opportunities to help others less fortunate than yourself.

What is your suggestion to entrepreneurs and artists to do moving forward?

I would suggest that they tap into the passion that they had when first starting their business or embarking on their journey as an artist. Rediscovering that excitement is not always easy given the obstacles we all share, but by making it a priority could result in allowing yourself to be in a clearer state when choosing actions moving forward.